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By November 17, 2018Radio station advertising

In Las Vegas, NV, the concept of radio station advertising is a bit different. Here, commercial radio stations earn revenues by selling airtime to the advertisers. The airtime is used for running various radio ad campaigns. This is why the radio station advertisements are the consequences of the businesses offering a valuable consideration (generally money) for airing their commercial ads or broadcasting their marketing messages on the air. A vast majority of these advertisements are “spot commercials”. These do not last more than a minute. The charges are decided per second. The longer programs called “infomercials” can last up to one hour.

There are many media companies having a radio, digital or television outlets for advertising. Direct Response Pros in one of significant among them. If you are looking to advertise your business, brands, products or services on air, you can contact us. We will offer you the best platform for radio station advertising. Take advantage of our radio station capabilities. Our unique platform combines more than 1000’s of local radio stations and a strong Partner network.

Our radio station advertising focuses on your targeted audiences and uses a specific radio station format on a market by market basis.

Our radio advertising and marketing experts have years of media buying experience. They are highly skilled in creating historic Ad pricing data and ensuring the best solutions for your radio station advertising requirements. They brainstorm and research well on your requirement and set a campaign in local and national advertising landscape (according to your needs, target market and the targeted audience) to offer you the best solution. They are dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective solutions to reach the target market and create an impact on your targeted audience.

What we include in our radio station advertising

Satellite Radio – This is for nationwide exposure. It targets highly educated and above average income consumers. National Radio Networks incorporate syndicated talk shows, news casting and broadcasting of sports and music shows. Carried simultaneously over 100s of local affiliates nationwide, this gives a significant opportunity to reach a huge number of audiences local and nationwide.

Paid Endorsements – It utilizes the popular DJs in the local market to introduce your business, brands, products, and services. Using the best benefits of the magic multiplier, they can reach your marketing message to their audiences. It gives you an instant credibility.

Pay Per Inquiry Radio – Pay Per Call Radio –Your advertisement can be broadcasted to over 2000 radio stations nationwide.

We have served many reputable businesses successfully and helped them reach their target market and targeted customers easily through a significant cost saving process.




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