Network TV advertising Las Vegas

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Are you looking for Network TV advertising in Las Vegas? Direct Response Pros specializes in offering this. We will help you choose the right networks fitting your budget, target market and targeted audience. Our expert marketers and advertising professionals will take all endeavors to create significant brand awareness nationwide. Through a proper understanding of the nature of your business, products and services and detailed market analysis, we will create quality TV commercials to broadcast these at the times of the day for maximum exposure. Based on the cost and demographic, we will decide the shows, time and time span to reach your targeted audience easily. We will increase the frequency for better market saturation. A repetitive hammering during the off hours will target your audience at a reduced cost.

What we can do for Network TV advertising in Las Vegas

We will help you reach the maximum number of audiences nationwide through our network TV advertising in Las Vegas.  Our expert will aid you to find and choose the right programming on your desired networks available in Las Vegas. Based on your budget, demographic, brand and the nature of the business, we can assist you to choose the right networks to maximize your return on investment. We can set your ads in between reality shows, sports, news, soap operas, and other prime time programs. We are committed to assisting you the right networks based on your choice.

What you can expect from us:

  • Improved market size and better brand awareness
  • Positive engagement
  • Enhanced messaging
  • Multi-sensory attention
  • Encouragement of prospective buyer action.
  • Direct response

We brainstorm on the presentation and production with our production team. Our cast and crew are capable of producing quality TV commercials for an engaging advertisement to influence viewers’ attention, perceptions and emotions. Advertising continuity receives our paramount interest to create a perception in viewers’ minds through repetition and saturation.

If you have any customized need, you can approach us. We will listen to you and guide you the best ways to implement. Contact us for a free quote. We will be happy to serve you. Reach us any time via an email. You can call us during our working hours.

Local TV advertising Las Vegas

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Local TV advertising Las Vegas

Like Local SEO, local TV advertising is the king for selling and marketing your products and services in your local market.  Although consumer habits have changed in the present digital world, TV advertising still rules the roost. This is why many individuals, companies, agencies and other organizations choose Local TV advertising seen on cable networks and cable television stations.

Local TV advertising in Las Vegas has a very good market. There are a huge number of people who watch television programs regularly on cable networks. Local TV advertising in Las Vegas ranges from 10 to 120 seconds long. These advertisements are broadcast regularly in between regular programming on a local, regional and national scale.

Local TV advertising in Las Vegas is taken as more expensive than other forms of advertisements. This is not always true, especially when you choose Direct Response Pros. We have a professional production team who are highly capable of producing quality TV commercials to reach the target market and targeted people easily.  Our expert professionals will make your Local TV ad most customer-centric so that it can appeal to your target market and speak about your business, products and services more effectively and efficiently yet precisely.

Added benefits of local TV advertising in Las Vegas

Although the upfront cost of television advertising is higher than the classifieds, display ads and other forms of digital advertising, TV advertising can get you one of the highest returns on investment.  According to Nielsen, this is the best of all types of advertising.

TV advertising in Las Vegas is calculated on a Cost per Thousand (CPM) basis. It means you need to pay a certain amount if your ad is seen by 1,000 people. Direct Response Pros can secure great pricing and frequency for your ads.  However, our CPM may vary, depending on the city where you are located in and where you want to run your commercials.

From writing and editing to voice over and broadcasting, we will take absolute care of your commercials. For our uninterrupted service (according to the desired time and the budget of our clients), we have received a notable number of satisfied clients in the Las Vegas market.  Request a free quote today.

Dish TV advertising Las Vegas

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Are you a company, agency or small business looking to reach your target market and targeted audience through Dish TV advertising in Las Vegas? You can choose Direct Response Pros. We have over 40 years of experience in organizing, running, and managing Dish TV advertising in Las Vegas.

We keep a world-class pool of marketers and advertising experts specializing in creating and producing effective Dish TV ads according to your target market and targeted audience. They will measure the results based on various programs to decide the peak hours of your audience and decide the advertising time and time span to increase and improve your brand awareness.  They can effectively target your potential and desired audiences with your business and brand through local and regional focus. They can help in strategic channel selection.

The benefits of choosing Direct Response Pros for Dish TV advertising in Las Vegas

  • Although Dish TV advertising in Las Vegas can be more expensive than digital advertising and other forms of marketing, Direct Response Pros can ensure you the lowest price.
  • Based on your budget and choice, we will create TV commercials to put your brand in front of as many targeted viewers at the lowest cost. We can transmit you and broadcast your Dish TV ads in any format you desire.
  • We can use multimedia techniques to create quality TV commercials for creating optimum brand awareness and promoting products, services and information through a variety of programs, channels and venues.
  • We apply manipulation theory to ensure maximum ad visibility and the highest conversation rate.
  • We work closely with our clients to understand their business, products and services before creating quality TV commercials for them. This helps them receive the maximum return on the investment.

On average, people in Las Vegas watch television for more than 4 hours a day. This is why you can easily reach them, taking advantage of our Dish TV advertising in Las Vegas.   Contact us for a free quote. We are dedicated to delivering your campaign to your targeted audience at the right time through the right channel. We are committed to building your brand fame and loyal customers on a massive scale.

Cable TV advertising Las Vegas

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Are you an individual or a business located in Las Vegas? Are you looking for opportunities to reach local consumers easily in order to sell and market your products or services in Las Vegas? You can take advantage of Cable TV advertising offered by Direct Response Pros.

Direct Response Pros specializes in offering cost-effective Cable TV advertising in Las Vegas. Based on your targeted audience, target market, products and services, we decide our advertising strategies and suggest the best timing for you to reach a maximum number of people (your targeted audience) within a minimum time frame. Our targeted and affordable Cable television advertising service will take your brand and business in front of your target customers via cable networks.

With us, you are sure to achieve multi-sensory attention. Each campaign must foster brand awareness and encourage prospective buyer action.

Why choose us for your cable TV advertising in Las Vegas

We keep a professional pool of advertising experts who measure the results of different programs along the type of audience watching these. Based on the reports, they decide the prime time and the frequency of your advertisement. Attaching various modern devices to the TV set, they measure the viewers of a program and their behaviors to that program. After calculating the viewership status and type, they decide the time, frequency and duration of an ad. This helps the business owners create a very good impact on their minds of the targeted audience that creates a desire in them to buy your products and services.

Based on the nature of your business, products and services, we will help you choose the right cable advertising plans in Las Vegas. Even if you want to reach a huge number of target customers within a very small time span, you can approach us. We will create a custom plan for you. Whether you are looking to cover the whole city or an area of it, we will guide you.

Contact us today for a free cable advertising quote for your area in Las Vegas. We are at your service to help you get the best benefits of cable TV advertising in Las Vegas.

Radio station advertising

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In Las Vegas, NV, the concept of radio station advertising is a bit different. Here, commercial radio stations earn revenues by selling airtime to the advertisers. The airtime is used for running various radio ad campaigns. This is why the radio station advertisements are the consequences of the businesses offering a valuable consideration (generally money) for airing their commercial ads or broadcasting their marketing messages on the air. A vast majority of these advertisements are “spot commercials”. These do not last more than a minute. The charges are decided per second. The longer programs called “infomercials” can last up to one hour.

There are many media companies having a radio, digital or television outlets for advertising. Direct Response Pros in one of significant among them. If you are looking to advertise your business, brands, products or services on air, you can contact us. We will offer you the best platform for radio station advertising. Take advantage of our radio station capabilities. Our unique platform combines more than 1000’s of local radio stations and a strong Partner network.

Our radio station advertising focuses on your targeted audiences and uses a specific radio station format on a market by market basis.

Our radio advertising and marketing experts have years of media buying experience. They are highly skilled in creating historic Ad pricing data and ensuring the best solutions for your radio station advertising requirements. They brainstorm and research well on your requirement and set a campaign in local and national advertising landscape (according to your needs, target market and the targeted audience) to offer you the best solution. They are dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective solutions to reach the target market and create an impact on your targeted audience.

What we include in our radio station advertising

Satellite Radio – This is for nationwide exposure. It targets highly educated and above average income consumers. National Radio Networks incorporate syndicated talk shows, news casting and broadcasting of sports and music shows. Carried simultaneously over 100s of local affiliates nationwide, this gives a significant opportunity to reach a huge number of audiences local and nationwide.

Paid Endorsements – It utilizes the popular DJs in the local market to introduce your business, brands, products, and services. Using the best benefits of the magic multiplier, they can reach your marketing message to their audiences. It gives you an instant credibility.

Pay Per Inquiry Radio – Pay Per Call Radio –Your advertisement can be broadcasted to over 2000 radio stations nationwide.

We have served many reputable businesses successfully and helped them reach their target market and targeted customers easily through a significant cost saving process.



Pay Per Call Services

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Are you looking for pay per call services? You are in the right place. Direct Response Pros is a premier pay per call service provider specializing in offering genuine leads and topnotch quality calls to the advertisers since 2008.

We started offering our pay per call services through Direct Response Pros to help our clients utilize the benefits of pay per call services along with many flexible billing options and one-on-one interaction option or conference calling features. We offer free minutes, per call marketplace, per minute billing, per call automated billing, flat rate billing or the combination of any of these according to your needs. We set strategic pay per call, pay per lead and pay per inquiry campaigns, using TV, Mobile, Radio, Print, and Call Centers. Custom options are available for the advance thinking businesses.  We are at your service to provide you with an opportunity to sell your products, services, advice, and information over the telephone to offshore clients.

A wide range of our pay per call services includes the following:

Back Brace Leads – Medicare and Private Insurance

Calls are generated only from the direct mail campaigns approved by the clients. These are totally designed for Medicare and private insurance companies.

Final Expense Leads – Pay Per Call

The cost is calculated on unique connected calls derived from TV and Radio Calls.

Health Insurance Pay Per Call Leads

This is targeted for the Health Insurance companies. Here costs are decided on TV and Radio calls received via Paid Media Campaigns.

Pay Per Call – Pay Per Inquiry Advertising

Pay per call direct response advertising is based on the calls received from the viewers of online ads available on TV, direct response radio, print, mobile phone and the internet.

Besides, there are other services like:

  • Home Improvement – Home Services Pay Per Call Leads
  • Legal Leads – Mass Tort Litigation – Pay Per Call
  • Reverse Mortgage Leads – Pay Per Call
  • Private Insurance – Diabetic Testing Supply Leads – Pay Per Call

What we do in our pay per call services

  • Set pay per call campaigns and generate high-quality genuine leads
  • Track genuine calls coming from the online viewers
  • Run and track cost-effective marketing campaigns
  • Track calls coming from the publishers’ websites
  • Track partner’s contribution and measure performance
  • Manage and calculate commissions
  • Monitor costs
  • Control routing and call treatment
  • Execute real-time analysis after accessing custom reporting

Pay Per Call Marketing

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With the increasing usage of smartphones, the popularity of pay per call marketing has increased significantly. As the smartphones have been the essential tool for connecting and communicating both individuals and businesses alike, Pay Per Call campaign has become the most relevant advertising model to make sure your presence in the competitive business world. It will help you build a business where relevant and potential consumers come to you.

At Direct Response Pros, we believe, “Making strong inbound marketing strategies is always important to build a strong presence and bring potential consumers”. Our Pay Per Call marketing campaigns can help you attract your potential customers towards you, creating an impression that your business, brands and products are readily available through the various devices. We have been providing our clients with pay per call marketing and campaign management services to target local or international customers.

Effective Our Pay Per Call marketing strategies ensure that your ads are viewed by relevant and targeted audiences. The leads that are coming to you are genuine leads. It will bring you the ad viewers looking for the products or services like yours. Pay Per Call marketing uses analytics and unique traceable phone numbers to send only the qualified calls to you. This is why you have tangible leads to contact them over the telephones.

Both the advertisers and publishers can call us. Our pay per call marketing services give the advertisers better control that they require to test pay-per-call campaigns and the publishers have no risk of losing their payments for the genuine leads. We set your pay per lead and pay per inquiry campaigns, using TV, Radio, Mobile, Print and Call Centers. Advertisers can expand their distribution and increase their inbound call volume across various channels with a minimum or no added work on their behalf.  They can enjoy the benefits of different analytics and tracking methods to have complete visibility and better control over call traffic. They are sure to have better customer experience with our pay per call marketing experts.

Contact us anytime round the clock. We are at your service to reach your target market and targeted customers through our effective pay per call marketing campaign.

Pay Per Lead Services at the most Reasonable Prices.

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Pay Per Lead 

As the name suggests, pay per lead is an online advertising payment model where the advertisers pay the publishers only for the leads generated on their (advertisers) destination sites. Payment is made only for the qualifying leads.

Here, the advertiser has to pay for an explicit sign-up from an online viewer interested in having the advertiser’s offer. Sometimes, the advertisers pay for the affiliate based on the conversion of leads received from the various actions (like file downloading, software downloading, and other intended actions) taken by the online viewers.

Pay per lead enables the advertisers to generate genuine leads and guaranteed returns on their investment for an online advertising campaign. If a customer clicks and follows an affiliate link and comes to the advertiser’s site and completes the intended actions according to the affiliate agreement, only then the affiliate becomes eligible for receiving payment. It is a complete process including a number of steps with an intended action in each step. If a consumer completes all the steps and covers the entire process, the affiliate is paid.

Therefore, an advertiser does not need pay when the visitors do not sign up on his/her website. It is a very popular method of online lead generation. As an online viewer or a consumer needs to sign up to grab the offer, the contact information and demographic information (sometimes) go to the advertiser’s emails or databases. The Signup fields generally include name, email address, location, phone no, etc.  In some cases, it may include a detailed form consisting of several pages.

However, the advertisers may encounter some risk factors as the 3rd-parties or marketing partners may indulge in some fraudulent activities.  However, a regular audit can help you spot the false leads.

Direct Response Pros is a premier pay per lead marketing company specializing in offering cost-effective pay per lead services at the most reasonable prices. We include various activities like media buying and online lead generation, under this service. Buy real-time TCPA and HIPPA compliant leads for your product, information or service. We have been a market leader in pay per lead industry since 2008.

With over 40 years of experience, we have been serving our clients from different industries. Get started with us. We are at your service to help you create a new client base, make more money and grow your business significantly.

Pay Per Inquiry

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Pay per inquiry is a direct-response marketing model where the advertisers receive free space and adverting time from media outlets. They (advertisers) do not need to pay for running this ad. It is completely free. However, they need to pay for the results. To be more precise, they need to pay to the publishers only when they (advertisers) receive an inquiry from the ad. You do not have control over where and when the ads will run.

Media outlets have unsold advertising space, which they love to offer to their media partners. This becomes beneficial for both media outlets and users of it. Here the users agree to pay a set price for each call that the users will receive from their clients and customers.

If you are interested in buying leads for a certain period, you can contact Direct Response Pros. We keep an excellent pool of professionals specialized in managing pay per inquiry advertising campaign.

With over 40 years of experience, we have run, managed and optimized numerous affiliate campaigns. As we know the process inside and out, we can have you make millions of dollars from pay per inquiry campaign.

What we do in our pay per inquiry affiliate program

  • We prepare your campaigns, according to your needs, target market and targeted customers.
  • We submit it to our affiliate network of advertising partners, including print, radio, television, and the internet.
  • We create a client funnel for pay per inquiry advertising
  • We track longer call leads, using unique call tracking numbers
  • We prepare an affordable bill based on the number of qualified leads. It is negotiable.

Why choose our pay per inquiry service

  • Lower costs for the qualifying leads
  • Continuous checkup and elimination of bad lead sources
  • Increased leads and more profits

We create custom pay per inquiry campaigns for you, using TV, Radio, Mobile, Print and Call Centers. Get started with us to explore how we can help you increase your revenue through a custom blended marketing campaign. Contact us today. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you. We are dedicated to increasing your revenue generation rates.

Pay Per Call service providers

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Pay-per-call is an advertising model where an advertiser pays a publisher for the quality calls that the advertiser receives from the viewers of the ad. The payment depends on the number of telephone calls made by the viewers of an ad. Pay Per Call service providers can charge advertisers per call, per impression or per conversion.

Direct Response Pros specializes in offering cutting-edge Pay Per Call services at affordable prices. We include targeted marketing and social media advertising in our core competencies. To ensure you more business opportunity, more brand promotion and more growth, we offer seamless pay per call services according to your business and industry needs. Based on your target market and targeted customers, we create your custom pay per call advertising campaign and promote it, using Mobile, TV, Radio, Print and Call Centers. Our customized pay-per-call services empower the advertisers to drive more customers and generate more revenue through a valuable interaction.

Our pay per call platform has been designed to ensure more (ad) visibility, better marketing distribution, and higher quality calls to ensure improved customer conversation. We are dedicated to driving more business for you, giving you the power of generating more sales leads and higher conversion rate optimization.

Our advanced pay-per-call activities include the following:

  • Create pay per call marketing campaigns
  • Monitor and track calls to publishers and marketing campaigns
  • Track and analyze your performance
  • Control call treatment and routing
  • Access and generate reports, using real-time analytics
  • Send you the performance report


Browse our wide marketplace and take the full advantage of it. Grow your client base, increase your revenue and track your return on investment.

With our sound technical knowledge and over 40 years of experiences in running, managing and optimizing small to large industries, we are ready to take challenges in helping you make more money and create a new client base.

Take the full advantage of pay per call platform encompassing TV, Radio, Mobile, Internet and Call Center advantage. Start making more money and stand out from the crowd of your competitors.

Contact us today to find out how we can help increase your revenue through a custom blended advertising campaign. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you.





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