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Pay per inquiry is a direct-response marketing model where the advertisers receive free space and adverting time from media outlets. They (advertisers) do not need to pay for running this ad. It is completely free. However, they need to pay for the results. To be more precise, they need to pay to the publishers only when they (advertisers) receive an inquiry from the ad. You do not have control over where and when the ads will run.

Media outlets have unsold advertising space, which they love to offer to their media partners. This becomes beneficial for both media outlets and users of it. Here the users agree to pay a set price for each call that the users will receive from their clients and customers.

If you are interested in buying leads for a certain period, you can contact Direct Response Pros. We keep an excellent pool of professionals specialized in managing pay per inquiry advertising campaign.

With over 40 years of experience, we have run, managed and optimized numerous affiliate campaigns. As we know the process inside and out, we can have you make millions of dollars from pay per inquiry campaign.

What we do in our pay per inquiry affiliate program

  • We prepare your campaigns, according to your needs, target market and targeted customers.
  • We submit it to our affiliate network of advertising partners, including print, radio, television, and the internet.
  • We create a client funnel for pay per inquiry advertising
  • We track longer call leads, using unique call tracking numbers
  • We prepare an affordable bill based on the number of qualified leads. It is negotiable.

Why choose our pay per inquiry service

  • Lower costs for the qualifying leads
  • Continuous checkup and elimination of bad lead sources
  • Increased leads and more profits

We create custom pay per inquiry campaigns for you, using TV, Radio, Mobile, Print and Call Centers. Get started with us to explore how we can help you increase your revenue through a custom blended marketing campaign. Contact us today. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you. We are dedicated to increasing your revenue generation rates.


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