Pay per call services

Pay Per Call Services

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Are you looking for pay per call services? You are in the right place. Direct Response Pros is a premier pay per call service provider specializing in offering genuine leads and topnotch quality calls to the advertisers since 2008.

We started offering our pay per call services through Direct Response Pros to help our clients utilize the benefits of pay per call services along with many flexible billing options and one-on-one interaction option or conference calling features. We offer free minutes, per call marketplace, per minute billing, per call automated billing, flat rate billing or the combination of any of these according to your needs. We set strategic pay per call, pay per lead and pay per inquiry campaigns, using TV, Mobile, Radio, Print, and Call Centers. Custom options are available for the advance thinking businesses.  We are at your service to provide you with an opportunity to sell your products, services, advice, and information over the telephone to offshore clients.

A wide range of our pay per call services includes the following:

Back Brace Leads – Medicare and Private Insurance

Calls are generated only from the direct mail campaigns approved by the clients. These are totally designed for Medicare and private insurance companies.

Final Expense Leads – Pay Per Call

The cost is calculated on unique connected calls derived from TV and Radio Calls.

Health Insurance Pay Per Call Leads

This is targeted for the Health Insurance companies. Here costs are decided on TV and Radio calls received via Paid Media Campaigns.

Pay Per Call – Pay Per Inquiry Advertising

Pay per call direct response advertising is based on the calls received from the viewers of online ads available on TV, direct response radio, print, mobile phone and the internet.

Besides, there are other services like:

  • Home Improvement – Home Services Pay Per Call Leads
  • Legal Leads – Mass Tort Litigation – Pay Per Call
  • Reverse Mortgage Leads – Pay Per Call
  • Private Insurance – Diabetic Testing Supply Leads – Pay Per Call

What we do in our pay per call services

  • Set pay per call campaigns and generate high-quality genuine leads
  • Track genuine calls coming from the online viewers
  • Run and track cost-effective marketing campaigns
  • Track calls coming from the publishers’ websites
  • Track partner’s contribution and measure performance
  • Manage and calculate commissions
  • Monitor costs
  • Control routing and call treatment
  • Execute real-time analysis after accessing custom reporting
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